750ml – 2 bottles (Original)

Just 30 seconds of rinsing, twice a day. Sure, it’s a little intense, but no other mouthwash can compete with its impressive germ-killing career. That’s all it takes when you use LISTERINE ORIGINAL Antiseptic Mouthwash. You’ll get 24-hour protection with:

* Clinically proven health benefits
* The power to kill germs that lead to bad breath, plaque and gum disease
* 21% greater gingivitis reduction than merely brushing and flossing alone
* Was shown in a clinical study to reduce 52% more plaque than brushing and flossing alone

Brushing only cleans 60% of the surfaces of your teeth, leaving plaque bacteria to grow in the hard to reach places in your mouth. LISTERINE ORIGINAL is an old school flavour, which provides the trusted, traditional formulation to kill the germs that cause tooth decay, gum problems and bad breath.

Eucalyptol 0.092%, Menthol 0.042, Methyl salicylate 0.060%, Thymol 0.064%, Water, Alcohol , Benzoic Acid, Poloxamer 407, Sodium Benzoate, Caramel

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