Every body cells are made from protein. Protein is an essential nutrients for building and repairing muscle, increasing immunity, giving us stamina, strength and stability.

We can consume protein through food eg meat, chicken, tofu, eggs, seafood, soya and internal organs. However, animal protein contains cholesterol and fat too.

GoodMorning Pea Protein 18 Grains is a plant and vegetarian based complete nutrition protein beverage. It is a powdered blend of soy, pea proteins, 18 types of grains and 28 types of vitamins and minerals. The source of protein is derived from high quality and digestibility Non-GMO green peas and soy protein. Pea and soy are low in fat and cholesterol-free. Pea Protein contains complete protein which is essential (cannot produce by our body and need to consume through diet) and non essential (can produce by our body) amino acids.

Pea Protein drink is best option for natural source of protein without side effects of animal protein. One serving can provide your body with 10g of protein.

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